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A cursory study of the history of humans will show that humans have always been engaged in conflict. Conflicts between individual humans exist on a day-to-day basis in some form - sometimes subtle and sometimes open and violent. Furthermore, thoughout history, little time has elapsed in which one society or group was not in violent conflict with another somewhere in the world. Millions of humans have died or been maimed and the environment decimated as a result of these conflicts.

Just as sure as there have been conflicts, there have also been efforts to organize society to avoid or bring fairness to human conflict. In fact, there have been significant conflicts related to how society should be organized and who makes the rules. Once again, these conflicts have resulted in millions of persons killed or maimed.

It is the premise of this web site that the various religions have failed to provide sufficient bases for resolving the differences between humans and human societies and that the ideas and principles of Secular Humanism will best enable us to survive as a species and to survive in a happy and peaceful manner. While there are many facets to Secular Humanism, two principles stand out. First, we believe that our conclusions should be guided by reason. Second, we base our lives on love and respect for our fellow human beings, fellow creatures with which we share our planet and the planet and universe itself.

Our reliance on reason leads us to believe that there are no supernatural entities, such as a God, gods and angels and that supernatural places like heaven and hell do not exist. Thus, the type of humanism in which I believe is a nontheistic belief system and this site avers that there is no God or gods and all the gods and religions worshipped by humans were created by humans to fulfill certain human needs. Furthermore, the humanism in which I believe is very much distinguished from any religiously based humanism and I prefer to call it Atheistic Humanism to avoid any questions relating to the meaning of the word "secular". While preferring to self-identify as an Atheistic Humanist, I am totally comfortable with the word "secular" since an analysis of Secular Humanism will reveal that Atheistic Humanism is simply a type of Secular Humanism.

We, Secular Humanists, look to science and the scientific method to answer the questions we have about the physical universe. Thus, for instance, most Secular Humanists believe that evolution best explains how the various species have arrived at their present state of development.

We believe that a moral system based upon love and respect for each other and all that surrounds us is on a firmer foundation than one based upon obedience to a god or gods that no one really ever sees or a self-centered desire for a reward (heaven) or to avoid a punishment (hell).

Basically, to survive, we humans must:

  1. Have a compact so society is organized, will not self-destruct and will treat all beings fairly;
  2. Respect and care for ourselves as individuals;
  3. Continue to learn as much as we can about ourselves, the secrets of life, composition of the earth and how all things interrelate;
  4. Respect the environment of earth as, at the present, it is the only environment that we have; and
  5. Constantly explore the universe as it is our greater environment and we will no doubt need it in the future;

all of which are concepts compatible with Secular Humanism.

This site will advance the idea that we all should be free to do whatever we want as long as there are no substantial societal reasons for limiting that conduct. Thus, the accountability one has for his or her actions is to ones own self and any limitations thereon are based upon societal considerations as opposed to theistic considerations. Though atheism is an important element of this philosophy, it does not free us to do whatever we wish.

We will look at how peace and justice can be brought to the affairs of humans through Secular Humanism. Also, we will look at the role the environment plays in our survival, peace and happiness and what we must do to protect and preserve this natural space ship on which we were born.

For years, I have agonized over what to call my philosophy! I have come to believe that a type of Secular Humanism that clearly states my nonbelief in any type of a supernatural realm (i.e., Atheistic Humanism) is most compatible with my beliefs. While it is not a perfect fit, it fits much better than any other.