ABOUT the Age of Reality

I am Greg Swartz, live in Kansas City, Missouri and was born in 1942. So you can see that I am getting to be an old fart. This web site is my personal research project. It is very much a work in progress and will be for a very long time - probably as long as I am mentally alert.

The project is built upon some basic premises that I have concluded to be true, having thought about them for most of my life. My goal is to examine the concepts that I believe to be true from all aspects including opposing viewpoints. I, also, wish to examine related areas in which I am interested.

In the beginning there will be large areas in which I have nothing or what I have might be cursory and not well documented. That will change as time goes on. So, you might ask: "Why not just wait and post this when you are done?"

The answer is simple. First, if I waited to post a completed site, I would never be satisfied that I was entirely done and nothing would ever be posted. Second, the truth is that I have a great weakness for impatience and do not want to wait. Third, I really would like sincere feedback in regard to what I say. I am particularly interested in being corrected should I misstate a fact. Feedback on my opinions is welcome too, but remember that many of the opinions expressed here have been held for forty years or so.

If you wish to communicate with me, send me an email! Let me know if I can refer to you by name or quote you, if I decide to comment on your comment.

If you choose to read what I have on this site, please be aware that it created based upon an honest and positive view of what I believe to be REALITY, thus the name of the site. When I thought about what to call this site, I was amazed to learn that Age of Reality was available. In fact, if you type in "age of reality" into a search engine, you will get many many sites that refer to an age of reality, but no one chose to select Age of Reality itself. Perhaps, most of us really do not want to look at REALITY headon. But, I will try!!!!